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Our Vision and Commitment

Infinity Foils, Incorporated is a worldwide supplier of stamping foils and glitter. We are a company that has vision and experience behind it. We have compiled generations of talent and innovation into our vision for It is our knowledge and understanding of the foil stamping industry that led us to the conclusion- there had to be a better way, the industry was in need of a change.

A change that gets back to what is important- customer satisfaction. We felt it was important to really listen to the industry's needs and wants –in order to provide an answers- and we believe we have it- gives customers what they need and want- purchasing control with confidence.

Through we have stripped away all the unnecessary overhead because we don't believe you should have to pay for things you can't use or benefit from. You will get the highest quality stamping foils and glitter products with reliable service at the most economical prices available.

So if you are tired of waiting on hold or tired of feeling like your foil company doesn't care when you get your products. Then try You'll be glad that you did.

Our web-based ordering process allows you to order online in real time- at any time. The scale of your business doesn't matter at Infinity Foils. Order as much or as little product as you need- and know instantly the ship date. Our online “doors” are open to all companies, small, medium and large- all enjoying the same pleasant purchasing experience.

We hope you enjoy as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you!