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Foil Core Adapter
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Infinity Core Adapter

Do you want to experience the freedom of utilizing longer foil rolls lengths for long running jobs?

Infinity Foils has developed a perfect solution for you- our Foil Core Adapter. Its precision engineering ensures its performance and because it's an Infinity Foils' product you can rely on it for dependability.

Infinity’s foil core adapter was designed to give you the flexibility to foil stamp long jobs with fewer roll changes by increasing the amount of feet per foil roll. By changing from a 1” to a 3” core, you can increase your foil length up to 15,000’ per roll (depending upon your equipment limitations), saving you both time and money.

Our foil core adapter is designed to meet specifications for nearly all foil stamping machines-for more information specific to your machine contact Infinity Foils (email or live chat).