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Infinitely Faux (IF)

Infinity Foils offers the industry’s best foil for Faux Finishing- Infinitely Faux “IF”.  Metallics are quickly becoming an essential design and decorating tool.  With our IF foil line,  faux finishing designers and decorators the world over can now add beautiful metallics to walls, furniture, murals, moldings, and decorative furnishings; rivaling gold gilding or leaving  processes of the past-  with IF foil from Infinity it’s very easy and extremely cost effective to add beautiful decorative metallic finishes.

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Our line of IF foil was specifically formulated for faux finishing and decorating; you will be amazed at the ease to which our foil can be applied and the beautiful metallic finish it provides.  You decide how much to add and when to apply- whether that be first, middle or last in the faux foil finishing process. IF foil can be used on just about any paint finish including flat, satin, eggshell or semi gloss.

With IF foil’s unique foil formulation you can create beautiful masterpieces- the creative possibilities are Infinite, it is up to you! 

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