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Infinity Foils 1 Inch Core Foil Cutter

Infinity Foils 1" (25.4mm) Core Foil Cutter

A must have for every foil stamping and embossing shop. The Infinity Foil Cutter gives you the control to cut your stamping foil on demand and to the lengths necessary for your jobs.

The Infinity Foil Cutter is specially designed for both performance and ease of use. It can be easily operated and maintained. Its compact design and lightweight engineering is perfect and allows for total adaptability to any shop floor layout.

Cutter for 1" (25.4mm) Core Master Rolls. Maximum outside diameter of rolls not to exceed 3 1/2" (88.9mm), maximum width 28" (711.2mm).

Infinity Foils 1 Inch Core Foil Cutter
Price: $1,350.00 Currently Available